The end of the planet Earth

It’s Friday! 

Thank God! I want to write some in English,  and I would like to talk about the end of this our beautiful planet.

Stephen Hawking thinks that this planet is going to disappear in a few years time and I think it could be possible if we continue down this way. I mean,  if we continue throwing garbage in the streets,  if we don’t recycle, if we continue wasting water as if we think it will never end,  pouring shit into the sea,  cutting down and buring our forests without control… if we continue like this,  one day the planet Earth as we know it will cease to exist and all of us will probable die. 

That is drastic,  isn’ it? Do you really think we’re all going to fit into a few spaceships to populate Mars when they announce that this is over? Don’t be foolish!

Yhis is a race against time and if it’s true that the planet Earth only has a few years left,  we should stop building cars and focus on developing spaceships to take us to Mars or any other planet suitable for these destructive humans.

Although thinking it better,  I feel sorry for the planet we colonize,  all of them should run away from us.

Stephen Hawking thinks we should move,  but I think that before doing that ee should educate the population to have respect for the planet Earth or any other olanet that we will find in the future, otherwise it would have been useless.

We should have to learn to be kinder to our planet first and perhaps we will delay his death and guve us time to get an escape route for all and when we reach the new planet,  take care of it from the beginning.

The end is coming and we have to make something to safe our planet. 




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